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Merriweather Home + Market

Curated Home Essentials for Sustainable Living, Locally Sourced, Locally Made

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25 S. Elm Street
Cortez, CO 81321

Merriweather Home + Market is a one-stop gift shop for the "local loving, small shop" shopper. A carefully curated selection of gifts from artists and makers from Montezuma County and the surrounding 4-corners.  As the name implies, we stock goods for your home as well as small batch items you would similarly find at local markets.


Merriweather's is filled with modern gifts, jewelry, candles, clean beauty and skin products, stationary and unique home decor. We also have grab + go sweet treats on Fridays made by local bakers, local raw honey, and tinctures.


We are proud to house over 50 local artists wares, in which almost 90% are woman-made in our community-centered space. 


Merriweather Home + Market is located across the street from the local Farmers Market, right off the main street that runs through the heart of Cortez.

Garden Shed

Our Mission

We believe in ethical + smart shopping. All of our products are carefully selected to ensure they align with our core values and we try our best to stay as LOCAL as possible.


Zero Waste


Made with Love

Local Support

Merriweather Home + Market was founded in 2018.


Erin Hanson, dreamer and founder, first started out at local farmer markets and barn sales selling her homemade goods like jams + baked goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, then adding some of her collected vintage finds. As she became more acquainted with local markets, she was discouraged to find that there wasn't a place where she could sell her wares daily, or even year-round. And that's when she came up with an idea for a brick and mortar. Early on, she knew she would be taking along any other artist or maker that wanted to join her her on this new journey. Having never owned a business before, it took quite a bit of research, finding the right location, and even more, the money to make it all happen. But eventually, it did, and with 25 other artists beside her, she opened Merriweather Home + Market on October 1st of 2021. 


With just over a year under her belt, she now has over 50 local artists and vendors represented in her shop. She is ready to expand, not only so she can include more artists, but also give each artist a bigger thumbprint in her shop. She also would like to have a space where artists can teach their craft to other community members and make a bigger space for events. She has the space, but just doesn't have the funds. 


Small shops + businesses are the heart of the community. With your help, together, we can expand Merriweather Home + Market and make an even bigger impact in the lives of local artists and makers. Please consider joining us with this mission by donating.

Shop Some of Our Artists

Where quality meets shopping small. 

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